Luxster was born in 2020, envisioned by a group of passionate car modification enthusiasts. Our mission is consumer-focused, with all our products thoughtfully designed and developed by our professional team based in the United States. Through our commitment to innovative technology and high-performance products, we continually strive to exceed expectations.

Our Story
Our founder, a passionate car modification enthusiast, found it challenging to find automotive lighting products that truly fulfilled his unique needs during his modification projects. This struggle sparked the idea to redefine the landscape of automotive lighting products. Marrying our expertise in lighting research and design with hands-on modification experience, Luxster came to life.

"We noticed that many lamps on the market couldn’t be installed due to size discrepancies," which led us to introduce LED lamp products designed to match the original car halogen bulb's 1:1 size. This was a significant innovation that shifted the trajectory of the automotive LED lighting industry.

Our commitment to meeting customer needs and our deep knowledge in the field of automotive modification are the two cornerstones of Luxster. Through relentless exploration and innovation, we provide consumers globally with innovative designs, high-performance, safe, and reliable automotive lighting products, along with superior customer support.

We believe in sustainable and healthy development. Recognizing that we inhabit a world of limited resources and interconnected dependencies, we continuously adapt our business strategies to give back responsibly to the society we rely on.
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