Dashboard Warning After Bulb Installation: Causes and Solutions

Dashboard Warning After Bulb Installation: Causes and Solutions

Dashboard warning lights may appear after installing new LED bulbs, typically due to the lower power consumption of LED bulbs, which may cause the vehicle's electronic system to mistakenly believe that the bulbs have burned out or become damaged. Here are some potential solutions:

Possible Causes:

  1. Lower Power Consumption of LED Bulbs:

    • The very low power consumption of LED bulbs may lead the vehicle's electronic system to misinterpret the condition of the bulbs, especially if the vehicle is equipped with a CAN Bus system​1​.
  2. Electrical System Anomalies:

    • There might be some anomalies within the electrical system that trigger dashboard warning lights, such as issues with the high beam indicator which may need an isolation relay or a resistor to resolve​2​.


  1. Install CAN Bus Compatible LED Bulbs:

    • If your vehicle has a CAN Bus system, installing LED bulbs that are compatible with the CAN Bus system can address this issue​1​.
  2. Install Load Equalizers:

    • Installing load equalizers can prevent fast turn signal flashing or “bulb out” warnings on the dashboard​3​.
  3. Install Load Resistors:

    • Load resistors can help regulate the voltage of the LED tail light units to meet the requirements of your vehicle's electronic system, thus resolving dashboard warning issues due to the low power consumption of LED bulbs​4​.
  4. Install Resistor and DRL Decoder:

    • If a warning message appears after installing LED bulbs, you may need to install a DRL decoder with an R2 resistor configuration to eliminate the warning message on the dashboard​5​.
  5. Contact Luxster Support:

By following the aforementioned steps or seeking professional assistance, you can resolve the dashboard warning issues following the installation of new LED bulbs and ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

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