Understanding and Fixing Bulb Flickering in DRL Mode with Luxster LED Bulbs

Understanding and Fixing Bulb Flickering in DRL Mode with Luxster LED Bulbs

Upon installing Luxster LED bulbs in your vehicle, you may encounter a flickering issue when the bulbs are operating in DRL (Daytime Running Lights) mode. This is primarily due to the pulsing voltage supplied in this mode to keep the bulbs at a lower brightness level, which can cause LED bulbs to flicker​1​.

The Cause:

  1. Pulsing Voltage Supply: In DRL mode, to maintain a lower brightness, the system provides a pulsing voltage. This voltage rapidly switches between 0V to 9V. While traditional halogen bulbs have a long enough cool down time to not exhibit noticeable flickering, LED bulbs will flicker amidst the rapid voltage changes​1​.


  1. Utilize a Rectifier or Relay: Installing a rectifier or relay can convert the pulsing voltage to a steady voltage, solving the flickering issue in DRL mode.
  2. Install Special CANBus Adapters, Voltage Boosters, or Resistors: These devices can help stabilize the voltage and current, reducing or eliminating the flickering of LED bulbs in DRL mode​2​.
  3. Install a DRL Canceller with Capacitors: By installing a DRL canceller that includes capacitors, you can help stabilize the current oscillations, resolving the flickering issue in DRL mode​3​.

    Contact Luxster Support

    If you still encounter issues after attempting the above solutions or need further assistance, feel free to email us at cares@luxsterled.com or click on the link https://luxsterled.com/pages/support to reach out to our expert team for help.

Make sure to check all connections are secure to rule out flickering issues caused by poor connections before troubleshooting the DRL mode flickering issue.

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