Solving the Reversal of High and Low Beams After Installing New LED Bulbs

Solving the Reversal of High and Low Beams After Installing New LED Bulbs

The reversal of high and low beams after the installation of new LED bulbs could occur due to several reasons, mainly connected to wiring and electrical issues. Here's an elucidation on the possible causes and solutions based on the information collected:

Possible Causes:

  1. Incorrect Wiring Connection:

    • The issue could arise from an incorrect wiring connection where the wiring for the high beam and low beam is switched. Each headlight has three wires: a ground wire and two power wires - one for the high beam and one for the low beam. If these are connected incorrectly, the beams will function inversely​1​.
    • This issue can also occur if the connectors were switched during installation, especially if the bulbs were changed from HID to LED or vice versa​2​.
  2. Polarity Issues:

    • Similar to the incorrect wiring connection, the polarity of the connector's pins might not be correctly aligned, especially in Bi-Xenon HID kits that have three pins on the harness connector for ground, low beam, and high beam connections​3​.
  3. Electrical Anomalies:

    • In some cases, there could be electrical anomalies within the vehicle's circuitry that cause the high and low beams to function inversely​4​.
    • There might also be issues with the high beam indicator which could be resolved by installing an isolation relay or using a resistor to dissipate the excess power​5​.


  1. Re-check Wiring Connections:

    • Ensure that the wiring connections are correct. If unsure, it might be worth consulting the vehicle's manual or seeking professional assistance.
    • If the issue is due to switched connectors, simply take the headlights back out and switch the plugs around​2​.
  2. Correcting Polarity:

    • If the issue is due to polarity, it can be rectified by releasing the pins inside the connector and reordering them. You may need a precision screwdriver to release the pins and reverse the wires​3​.
  3. Electrical Adjustments:

    • If the issue stems from electrical anomalies, it might require a more in-depth analysis and possibly professional electrical repairs.
    • Installing an isolation relay or using a resistor as mentioned could resolve the high beam indicator problem​5​.
  4. Consult Professional Help:

    • If the problem persists or if there's uncertainty in resolving the issue, it's advisable to consult a professional mechanic or contact the vehicle's manufacturer for guidance.
  5. Contact Luxster Support:

    • If the issue arises after installing Luxster LED bulbs, customers can reach out to Luxster support via email at or through the support page here for further assistance.

In summary, resolving the high and low beam reversal issue might require a mix of re-checking wiring connections, correcting polarity, or even consulting professional help for electrical adjustments.

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